Door To Door Moving From İstanbul

Birlik Lojistik İs the most succesfull company in the Turkey Our company has a free expertise service and comes to your home before transportation, reviews your belongings to be moved, makes the necessary calculations and offers you a price quote. If the price offer is accepted by the customer, a mutual contract will be signed with the customer and a list of required documents will be given to you to avoid additional customs costs in international home transportation.

When the transportation date arrives, our expert team comes to your home, disassembles and packs your belongings, and then loads them onto the truck. Your belongings loaded onto the truck are stored either directly or beforehand, depending on the delivery date, and preparations are made for shipment in accordance with the delivery date. A delivery report is signed along with your belongings delivered to your new home within the time period you wish. Door To Door Moving From İstanbul